Establishedin 1982

MCM was born to make art through the natural stone processing. As a family company, we sustain our growth in values passed from the founders. Quality. Innovation. Ethics.

Trustworthy values combined with an high-end craftmanship and an eye for luxury design, are key elements to produce fine and unique results.

A Historyof Success

Former Mármores São Gregório are founded by Luís Leite, located in Braga at Rua dos Paióis.
With the help of his son Jorge Leite, current CEO, the company Mármores Centrais do Minho is created. Representing not only a name change but also a change of location and an expansion of facilities to an area of 18 000 m2.
At the new facilities, the production and storage capacity for raw materials increases substantially and the company reaches 50 employees, a figure that remains stable until today.
Inauguration of an 800 m2 showroom, recreating interiors and details that proves our quality and our sensibility for challenging projects and where we show natural stones from all over the world.
If in the 80s and 90s we used almost all of our production capacity for the bigger construction works that marked the country's real estate boom, at the turn of the millennium we began to position ourselves strongly in the luxury market that already distinguished us.
At the peak of the economic crisis that hit Portugal, we have prepared our internationalization and today we export around 75% of its production around the world.
With Portugal still immersed in very restrictive economic measures, we have managed to maintain our position in the luxury market and ended the year as the second best year in terms of turnover in our entire history.
We've refurbished our showroom presenting new environments as well as the line of decorative pieces and furniture that has been developed in recent years under the direction of renowned designer Toni Grilo.
Aiming to increase our competitiveness in the market and our storage capacity, we've concluded another expansion phase of our installed area with the inauguration of our new warehouse with around 4 500 m2.
Given our strong international presence, we announce the evolution in our identity, presenting ourselves as MCM Stone Tailors.

Sustainable Growth


Installed Area

Showcased Samples

Stone Tailors

Our facilities
Production8 000 m2 full of expertise and technology
Warehouse4 500 m2 full of stones
Showroom800 m2 full of ideas

Our Culture

Each natural stone is unique and we exist to reveal their best version by giving shape to highly customized architecture and design projects through state of the art stone processing.
By "state-of-the-art" we mean innovation in every process, quality and efficiency in every task, expertise and know-how in every step, respect, loyalty and trust for all customers and employees. Always with environmental and social consciousness.
MCM . Stone Tailors


It all starts with a desire of the client and our will to achieve it, applying our know-how, selecting the finest materials and using the best processes.

People that trust us

Designers, architects and contractors that keep believing in what we do daily and who help us to leave a trail of eternity in every project.
Arthur Vallin
Arthur Vallin
" MCM is an amazing partner from conception to craftmanship. Their knowledge, experience, and work ethic are the reason I love working with them. They are great allies who listen and understand your objectives and will leverage their vast experience to help accomplish your vision. "
Paula Novais
Paula Novais
" The secret to the success of our partnership with MCM – which lasts for several years – is the confidence we both have in our performance as professionals. In every project I feel that there is a joint effort, in the elaboration of a plan, so that everything goes in the best way. During the whole projectual process I always feel supported, whether in the commercial or technical support. It is a company with which I can define plans that fit my needs, because I feel we follow the same demanding guidelines, so that our client could be satisfied with the work that results from this collaboration. I believe that partnerships only thrive in this way, when both parties do whatever it takes to support each other and grow! "
" Working with MCM is undoubtedly a good experience. They are always available for any clarifications, as well as flexible regarding the requirements of each project. We also add that the company exceeds our expectations and with their expertise, together, we ensure a final result of extreme quality. Thank you for your dedication! "
Central Arquitectos
Central Arquitectos
" Over the twenty years of Central Arquitectos' existence we have had the privilege of crossing paths with MCM in many of our projects. It is a privilege to work with this company whose know-how, rigour and professionalism we hold in high regard. "
MR21 Design
MR21 Design
" We have been working with MCM for 12 years. And what inspires us at MCM? The way they understand each client, each project. A professionalism and know-how that has been generated by their thirst for knowledge and innovation. The pleasure of carefully observing an idea, listening to the client, proposing solutions, materialising these ideas, always being up to any challenge. "


The inspiring colors and elegance of the stones displayed throughout the showroom provide an immersive experience full of aesthetic sensibility, recreating multiple environments that reveal the quality of the manufacture, finishes and application.
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We build rock solid relationships