Mármores Centrais do Minho announces evolution on its identity and new website.

Given its strong international presence, the company specialized in the transformation of natural stone now presents itself as MCM StoneTailors. 

The restyling process had the clear intention of respecting the brand's heritage and also represents a moment of transition between the experience accumulated over more than 30 years of activity and the company's expectations for the future. 

"Our image were the stones, today it is the way and the quality with which we approach each project that marks our identity." - points out Jorge Leite, CEO of MCM. 

The way a tailor does his job, the way he interprets the clients needs and develops tailor-made suits for them, has long been an image in which Jorge reviewed MCM's way of working and being in the market. We believe that this was the right time to turn that vision into reality.

The image renewal is complemented with the development of a new website that aims to leverage the brand's digital presence and provide a better user experience to its visitors and customers.

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This action is part of a strategy that involves a growing focus on digital in order to meet the real needs of our customers, in an adapted and more interactive way, allowing MCM to further strengthen its relationship of trust and proximity. 

These are just two of the many steps MCM is taking to become increasingly international and a reference in a highly demanding market segment, where it has been operating for over 3 decades.